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EntireHost - Easy Hosting - Database Administration

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Hosting Packages:

Package 1
» 150MB Disk Space
» 2,000MB Bandwidth
» 2 Parked Domains
» $100 per year

Package 2
» 300MB Disk Space
» 4,000MB Bandwidth
» 5 Parked Domains
» $200 per year

Package 3
» 500MB Disk Space
» 10,000MB Bandwidth
» 10 Parked Domains
» $300 per year

EntireHost - Easy Hosting - Custom Programming

Custom Packages
» Please make contact.

All packages are hosted on enterprise grade equipment.

Welcome to EntireHost

"Invitation Only" Announcement

Effective from 1st November 2007, EntireHost will no longer be accepting the general public onto its servers. Hosting with EntireHost will still be available though, but on an invitation only basis.

For current clients, your contracted services will continue as usual with the additional benefit of not having unknown clients sharing your server space. Any new clients accepted will be personally known by EntireHost staff.

eNom US$12.95 Domain Name Reseller Accounts

These much sort after accounts are still available to the general public, please make contact to have your personal Enom account created.

Please note that in April 2007 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved price increases for certain domain registries, notably .com .net and .org. This was followed up by announcements in various news articles posted at and were effected on Sunday, 14th October 2007. The ICANN increase affects all registrars, and ultimately all eNom account holders.

All links are under review at this time